Witch's Touch

Book VI of the Winslow Witches of Salem Series
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Witch's Touch by Tabitha Shay

Book VI of the Winslow Witches of Salem Series

Death takes an unscheduled holiday...

Giver of Life--Nyra Winters has two abilities that no witch before her has ever possessed--the power to heal and restore life. However, her constant interference in Death's plans makes her a target of the angry god, King Titan, ruler of the Underworld.

Seeker of Death--Dym Satarius, Prince of Death, is sent to the magical realm of Ru-Noc to collect Nyra Winters. Devoid of all emotion, Dym believes this assignment will be no different than any other--collect the witch's soul and return to hell--job done--but something goes terribly wrong and he is stranded in Nyra's world without his powers or the ability to return to his realm.

Witch's Touch--Where life and Death collide...

Read an excerpt from Witch's Touch *Ages 18+ ONLY*
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