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Book III of the
"Winslow Witches of Salem"
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Fall under the spell of a Witch's Moon--when dark forces gather to threaten the very existence of Ru-Noc--where Princess Kali and Captain Koran cross swords in a fierce battle only a witch can win!

Excited about her first Beltane, the witch Kali makes plans to find her ideal mate. Instead, the feisty and strong-willed Princess of Ru-Noc finds herself whisked away and trapped in the mortal realm of vampires.

Captain Koran T knows he's in serious trouble when the King of Ru-Noc orders him to kidnap Princess Kali. He's no different than any other male of his species at mating time so the urge to breed Kali is strong. But Koran T has a dark secret of his own, one that could have him banished from the coven.



Koran T might have the duel-colored eyes the males displayed at Beltane, but that was where his appearance as a normal waken ended. Due to his Albino coloring and pink-rimmed irises, Captain Koran T was known as a "Pink". In their society, the odd coloring was proof of a tainted bloodline.

Kali caught her breath as Koran suddenly leaned close to her and snapped, "Stop looking at me like that."

She blinked, jarred back to her surroundings by his sharp tone. "How am I looking at you, Captain?"

Kali caught herself on the verge of clutching her run-away heart. Gods, his scent assailed her senses. Heat curled in her stomach in a tangled knot. She clenched her thighs and tried desperately to ignore the dampness pooling there.

"Like you want my mouth all over you." He skimmed his gaze over her breasts, lingered on the stabbing buds of her nipples. His eyes flickered, then he shifted quickly to her mouth. "Is that your desire, Princess? You want my mouth on you? Everywhere?" He said the words slowly, huskily, and so low only she heard them.

Kali snorted. "You wish."

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