Witch's Brew

Book I of the Winslow Witches of Salem Series
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Witch's Brew by Tabitha Shay

Book I of the Winslow Witches of Salem Series

Sparks fly in this bewitching, sexy battle of the sexes--witch-style.

Saylym Winslow regains forgotten magical powers, but is determined to ignore them. No way is she a witch; magic brings nothing but trouble. But when Talon, Waken Prince and assassin of witches is assigned to terminate Saylym by stealing her soul, she discovers being a real, spell-casting witch is only the beginning of her problems.

Talon is enchanted by Saylym's beauty and charm and refuses to do his duty. He is given a choice by the powerful Waken Guild: Handfast with the trouble-making witch to keep her in line or they will send Drayke, the most ruthless Waken assassin, to hunt her down.

Read an excerpt from Witch's Brew *Ages 18+ ONLY*
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