An Excerpt From Send Him An Angel by Tabitha Shay

Ages 18+ ONLY

Elizabeth swayed.

He instantly steadied her. “Are you all right?”

His warm breath touched her face near her mouth. He stood close, too close. Dear God, she couldn’t breathe. His very presence stole the air from her lungs.

Elizabeth licked her dry lips. “Uh-huh,” she croaked.

She heard his low growl, felt his body shift closer.

Panicked, she flattened her body against the door. What was he doing?

“Don’t do that again,” he whispered.

Lord, the man was intent on seducing her right here, in front of her mother. Her fiancé! She lifted her face to his and swore her knees nearly buckled. “Uh, what? Do…what?”

A slow smile flickered across his mouth, all gleaming white teeth, a predator in motion that had cornered its prey. “You know what,” he said, his lips barely moving. “I see that tongue again, fiancé or no fiancé, I’m claiming it.”

Oh, God. Was she damp between her thighs? She was so thankful his shoulders were wide enough to block her mother and fiancé’s view. Elizabeth ground her teeth and fought to keep from squirming. She had to get away from him before she made a complete fool of herself. How did he manage to make her feel as if no one else existed around them?

She was in trouble here, and God knew she wasn’t one who went looking for it. No. No. She was the kind of woman who avoided charming snakes like Gabe King. He was more her mother’s type―a man who went after what he wanted at all costs. Hot. A sexual beast. Oh yes, he was the kind of man her mother went after all right, but certainly not virginal Elizabeth Bonner. No way.

Elizabeth flashed her mother a quick look―Charity would have him over her dead body!

She blinked. Heavens. What was she thinking? She didn’t care who her mother took to her bed. She certainly didn’t care who Gabriel King bedded.

But the heat that transferred from his fingers to her upper arms where he now gripped her, bathed her with the most unusual feelings. The strangest desire to tear off her clothes and fling her naked body in his arms struck her as a bit absurd and unworthy of her thoughts.

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