An Excerpt From Witch's Moon by Tabitha Shay

Ages 18+ ONLY

Kali licked her suddenly dry lips and shielded her body from his view as best she could in an age-old crossing of her arms. This being caught naked by the captain was getting to be a habit. She barely glanced at Rosebud. The little Futhar raced across the room and climbed onto the edge of the tub. His bandit-like eyes gleamed with interest. "Zee shouldn't have pissed off zee cap-i-tan, Princess."

Kali ignored the raccoon. All her concentration was on the hard-faced captain.

"I'm bare-ass naked. Get out!"

"Yes, I can see that, Princess."

However, he wasn't looking at her body. The mating striations vanished from his eyes and he allowed his temper free rein. He marched straight at her, an unpredictable force swirling around her like angry black clouds. He scooped her beneath her knees and swung her into his arms.

"Put me down," she ordered, gasping.

"Let's get one thing straight, Princess. Where you're concerned, I'm going to do a lot of presuming. Perverted or not, oversexed or not. Are we clear on the matter?"

"Put me down! I command you to release me this instant!"

"Gladly." He let go and dropped her in the tub of water.

"Eek!" Rosebud squeaked and toppled on top of Kali's head.

She screamed and sank beneath the frothy white foam. Rosebud tumbled down with her. They both shot up out of the water coughing and wiping soap from their eyes.

Rosebud wrinkled his black nose and shook his bushy tail. Water and foam flew in every direction.

"You son of a tree lizard," Kali sputtered. "You--you...three-toed ant's snout!"

She coughed, wiped more soap from her eyes, and searched the chamber. The captain was nowhere to be seen. She knew he couldn't be very far away. Captain Koran T was never very far away. He wasn't about to do anything to risk his precious career, like leaving her alone.

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