An Excerpt From Witch's Fire by Tabitha Shay

Ages 18+ ONLY

Stry nibbled at her mouth, parted her lips with his, nudged her thighs apart and using one hand, took his heavy cock and pressed it against her sleek channel. "Open for me, baby."

She tensed beneath him. All the while he whispered sweet words to her intent on assuring her of his love and need. Stry rubbed her opening with the meaty tip, working his way slowly inside her damp channel with a shallow penetration.

"You will accept my seed inside your womb and bear my children. You will never allow another male to touch you. You will always see to my needs and happiness. In return, I will touch no other female. I will protect you always. I will give you sons. These are my sacred vows to you."

In one single thrust, Stry pushed inside her, tore through the thin membrane of her virginity and settled deep. Kirrah screamed and clawed his shoulders. Tears wet the corners of her eyes and dampened her hair.

"I'm sorry," he moaned against her mouth. "I thought--"

"Shhh." Kirrah sighed. "Don't move. Not yet. I feel like I'm bursting at the seams. Gods, you're so packed in me."

He started to pull out of her, to give her the relief she must need. Kirrah pressed trembling fingers against his mouth and shook her head. "Don't. It's okay."

"No, it isn't okay. I hurt you and that wasn't my intent."

"I know that. Love me, Stry. Please? I need you."

Stry wiggled his hips and settled deeper inside her.

Kirrah moaned.

"Are you in pain? Did I hurt you again?"

"No. Just, it's very big. Thick. But you feel good inside me." Kirrah lifted her hips. "You feel good. It's…I'm so full…of you."

"Do that again--"


"Lift up and glide down my cock. Yes. There. Ahh, Samhain, but you steal my breath--"

Stry pulled back and plowed deep. He set a powerful rhythm of long, slow withdrawals and deep-seated penetrations that drove both of them wild, that built and built their hunger until they both struggled to breathe.

He cupped Kirrah's slender hips and lifted her to take him deeper. Her soft cries of pleasure spiked his desire. His urgency. He'd never felt this wild, raw, and elemental as the earth. Sharp stabs of pressing need stung the tip of his cock. "Kirrah, baby, I--"

"I know--" Her voice shook. "I feel it, too. Gods, I didn't think I could feel more stuffed than I already do."

Tiny explosions rippled through Stry. "I want to fill you."

They clung desperately, riding the feral storm that raged inside them. Helpless, they went at each other using teeth, tongue and body, until breathless, they soared into simultaneous orgasms.

Stry shuddered. His seed burst forth, hot and hard, and jetted inside her. By the gods, he didn't think his seed would ever stop.

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