An Excerpt From Witch's Heart by Tabitha Shay

Ages 18+ ONLY

"Damn it, Sage!" Hannah slapped the package of frozen peas on his swollen penis for the third time. She glanced around the girlish bedroom then back at him, hardening her heart when he howled a protest. "Leave it there. You didn't expect me to suck out the poison, did you?"

He choked and gave a strangled hiss. He was a pitiful sight--sprawled buck-naked across the queen-sized bed, looking more and more emaciated.

Sage clenched his teeth in a skeletal snarl. "I can hope, can't I?"

"Sure. Hope away. See how far it gets you." Hannah knew she had him at her mercy and she wasn't feeling compassionate. She glanced at his face then dropped her gaze to the package of peas sliding to one side of his leg. He was poker-stiff, in more ways than one. His face was a little green. His breathing had changed growing shallower in the few minutes it took her to retrieve the bag of peas from the freezer. His eyes looked a bit glazed and unfocused.

Served the bastard right, he deserved to suffer after zapping her back home to California. He'd sent her back condemning her to a life of loneliness without the one person she considered family.

She hauled the bag of peas back in place and draped the cold plastic tighter around his rather impressive package. "That should help the swelling," she said sweetly, "better than me sucking the poison out any day."

Sage whimpered between colorless, cadaver-like lips. "You cold-hearted savage!"

Hannah snickered. Hmm, guess he was still pretty rigid all over. "I'm merely trying to help with the rigor mortis."

His right eyelid twitched. His lavender-colored gaze grew wide. Horror whipped across his face. "Rigor mortis?"

"Yep, you know that thing that happens after something dies?"

"My dick is not dead!" He glared at her, his eyes flaring with anger.

"Nope. Mr. Lucky there isn't likely to develop dropsy anytime soon...not that I care. He can turn purple, shrivel up, and fall off, but that poor Mojave Green is probably in need of extreme unction right now. You killed it."

"I didn't kill anything. What's a Mojave Green?"

"The kind of rattlesnake that bit you on your dying pride." At his frown, she tilted back her head. "Ah, you don't know what a rattlesnake is? Yep, you killed it all right. One lip-lock on Mr. Lucky and the poor snake must have keeled right over. Kirrah got bit by a Mojave when we were fourteen. Remember her? My best friend who is more like my sister? The sister I haven't seen in a year thanks to you?

"Well, a little while after the snake bit her, it curled up and died." She placed her hand over her heart in mock respect of the snake passing into reptile heaven. "There must be something in the system of witches that kills the poor snake once it bites one. Your blood is probably puke green or something."

"I don't know what a rattlesnake is. There aren't any such mean creatures in Ru-Noc that bite for no reason." His body jerked. He moaned. "If you must know, my blood isn't green, it's...er...dark."



"Blackish?" Hannah shot him a look. "Very funny." She lifted the package of peas, stared between his legs, and shook her head. She clicked her tongue, tsking. "My, my."

"What?" Sage lowered his chin, eyeing the same area she was staring at. "Is there something else wrong with it?"

"What a shame," she said, injecting sorrow into her voice.

"What? I don't see anything else wrong." He fell back on the pillows. "You're driving me crazy!"

"I don't think it's in danger of falling off. Pity." She shook her head. "However, one can never be certain."

Sage groaned and closed his eyes. "Gods, you're such a vengeful bitch."

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